Indulged with selection of activities as much as eating is distressed in your stay in Gold Coast Morib International Resort. There’s two places to select from, providing an incredible wide selection type of cooking delights.

The restaurant offer the following

Buffet Breakfast :     Children RM 20
                                      Adult RM 40 

Buffet Lunch :     Children RM 25 
                                Adult RM 40 

Buffet Dinner :   Children RM 30
                               Adult RM 50

Endah Kopitiam


“Kopitiam” Hokkien dialect which mean the coffee shop which is very popular in Malaysia . That’s where the old and young alike meet up with each other to have a chit chat. Menus provide a easy many types of meals which include tea ,coffee, toast, egg etc. A perfect spot for the light treat.

The Pier

the pier

Along with a selected restaurant lounge and bar area having a variety of cocktail, it truly is likely to refresh every single feeling. The Pier also offers private dinner. Having the beer in a place with sea view is definitely a excellent mixture. Take the dinner and taste the wine, feel the sea breeze under the romantic sky .